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Amazing! For the longest time I felt weighed down by false strip lashes before and I felt that they made my eyes look heavy.  My brown eyeshadow would also make my strip lashes appear abnormally light and the strip lash glue adhesive would also clump up and become a huge daily annoyance to get rid of.  One day I was referred over to Lucys Lashes by someone I had met, and boy am I glad they did.  I was stunned and surprised when I walked into the spa room and also with the service.  They were exceptional.  I was expecting a typical small salon, like the small ones you would get your nails or eyebrows  done in. But this place was totally different.  It was beautiful, spot clean, peaceful, and huge.  They've got a beautiful aquarium, beautiful walls resembling a nature environment, spa music playing, very quiet atmosphere and rooms, and headphones for the clients as they receive their treatment.  Customer service - The staff (I think I did my consultation with Kelly, I hope I got the name right, and the receptionist is Kimmy) are all so sweet, pleasant, and helpful ! They also give you information on promotions and packets on how to care for your new beautiful lashes.The actual treatment (done by Lucy) - GORGEOUS !  I received compliments on how nice my lashes looked afterwards, and the best one I got was from a co-worker that said "Your eyelashes are natural huh?" What made it better was that I've actually spoken with this coworker many times already before, yet she still thought these new eyelashes were my own.  They are dramatic but beautiful. Pricing - 5 stars for having way cheaper rates than any other place I found (and I did do my research). They only charge 180 for full volume and multiple lashes for each lash, whereas other places I previously looked up charge up to FOUR HUNDRED. Crazy. And the 180 is BEFORE all of the wonderful discounts that I received :) (they have a grand opening promotion going on until Jan 23rd I think, I don't really remember the exact date), and I was also given a $20 gift card from the person who referred me since I was a first time customer. So my total only came out to be like $70.  Nice !I drove over an hour to get over here from the East LA area and I don't regret it.  Hope you enjoy your experience as much as I did with Lucy's Lashes. :)

Lucy's Lashes
Lucy's Lashes 21220 Beach Bivd, 2nd FL Huntington Beach, CA 92648.