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My first time trying Lucy's Lashes. They take you into a consultation room.. tell you that they have a promise and pictures of lashes. The pictures have no interest to me because I am not looking for a stripper or a party girl look. They are extremely thick dark and really black in the pictures. Jade kept swiping through the pictures. I let her know I wanted a natural set of lashes and she kept pushing me to get volume. Jade said she will do "in between volume" to give a natural look. I work as a doctor and having lashes is a good thing just not like I am going to a party everyday. Im on call everyday. The approach of Jade from the beginning is not what I was expecting. She seems to be more of a joker scene then a professional. The way of speech is like talking with a 13 year old girl. Her knowledge is ok. They way she speaks it is not. I actually got out of the chair to leave and she said to me " if you don't want to do the volume she will have the tech do a natural look but I need buy the one year membership! Really? Remember it's my first time here. She told me about the membership and how it will save me money every month. I don't think money is the issue for me. I just need lashes that fits me. The tech who was going to do the lashes for me came into the room and we stopped our conversation. Jade asked the tech if she needed anything, if not to leave the room. I thought that was quite unpleasant. The tech will be doing my lashes not Jade I believe that the tech wanted to get a feel for what I was looking for. I asked if the tech can come back in so I can explain and she said its fine she has it on paper which is paper she was checking and writing down an essay for the tech. I live extremely far and reading the reviews I thought to give it a try. I drove an hour since I live in Torrance. I drive to Orange County for a lot of things. Food, etc. Disappointment has its name written all over Lucy's Lashes. I came out after my service and the lashes were far from natural. It is thick not feathery. I asked for no pictures to be taken and the lady who spoke broken English is Lucy said its ok Don't worry. I told her I don't want photos taken and again she said and laughed "don't worry" Lucy on the other hand is not someone I would want to talk with. I can't understand a word coming from her. She set her salon too high for the service and to top it off Jade trying to sell me into a membership because I didn't want volume. In the end at check out I was charged the lashes with the volume! The clipboard was held up high as if I was blind by Jade with her unprofessionalism approach pointed at the total price. I just wanted to get out. She even had the right mind to put in the membership and I told her I'm not interested so she crossed it out and held up the clipboard again and gave me the total. I told her I didn't want the volume in the consultant room. Her answer is that since I didn't buy the membership and the tech did volume, I have to pay for the service. Again in the beginning I said a natural look. She went against my needs and did what benefits her and Lucy's Lashes. She spoke in their language with Lucy and I hear her say again don't worry. I was told if anything I can come back in 3 days to have it fixed. Now to the service itself, it is not what everyone is raving about. I can say that the products they use is low end. It burned my eyes. I had fingers all over my face and eyes. What I did like was the patch they put on because it was nice and cool. I was taped down and they started and once they touched my eyes I started to feel the burn. At the end, it was one of the worst burn feeling. My eyes watered and it was burning a lot. The product is a low ball. When they went to remove the patch, the tape was stuck to my skin at the most sensitive area my eyes! The pulled out the tape and it felt like I was getting a wax. I will let these lashes fall out on its own. I will go somewhere else. You will never see me here again. The service was bad. The communication was bad. The consulting was bad. The burn of my eyes is very bad. I could go blind if I keep returning and having them put burning products on. Only thing nice is the decor to make up for the bad service. Bad. Bad. Bad. Jade is unprofessional and acts like a kid. Bad. I don't want to spend a hundred and more for bad. Bad service.

Lucy's Lashes
Lucy's Lashes 21220 Beach Bivd, 2nd FL Huntington Beach, CA 92648.