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I have never done anything with my lashes (hated wearing mascara, disliked curling them, false eyes lashes always felt heavy and unnatural) but my mom and aunt would always bug me about them. I looked up eyelash extensions and I figured this would be a nice change that would achieve the look without the daily trouble. After looking up several places and even after being referred to other places, I decided that I would go with lucys lashes because it was closer to home. WOW! They were amazing! The establishment is beautiful, clean, has really friendly and welcoming staff. Simply upon arriving I knew I would be well taken care of.After a consultation that allows you to choose what style of lashes (length and fullness/volume) I chose to go with something natural but full since it was my first time. I was more than comfortable while they worked on my lashes considering that the beds are massage beds that massage you the whole time. I was so comfortable I almost fell asleep. They were so gentle and when I woke up from my 1 hour and a half nap I had beautiful long lashes! Although I was shocked by their length (because again...I've never done anything to my dead straight lashes) my lashes looked really nice! They are not heavy at all like false lashes and I love how my lashes now look fuller!It's fair to say that I am quite satisfied! I will definitely be recommending this place to my friends and family!

Lucy's Lashes
Lucy's Lashes 21220 Beach Bivd, 2nd FL Huntington Beach, CA 92648.